16 December 2008


Sorry being home I figured I would have more time to blog however, its been fairly busy I am working for the golf course so I have picked up a few shifts there with Christmas parties and the Santa Brunch and babysitting. Also, last Thursday I donated blood and went ill, well, I got pale and faint. I had to stay for an extra 45 mins so they could make sure I was ok... I am fine I am happy to report -- I still think everyone should donate blood, I will again.

I also, regret to say that this year I am totally off the ball, and have done absolutely NO Christmas shopping whatsoever, better get on that only 10 days left - WAIT! make that 9 since technically its well after midnight and thus the 16th but I have yet to go to bed. Usually I am done my shopping well before this point and feel very disorganized and have felt in a haze since I got home ...

Hope everyone is more prepared for the holiday season than myself! Here's a little video to help get you in the holiday spirit! Santa Baby is one of my favourite Christmas tunes:


Hope you enjoy it as well.

you know you love me

02 December 2008

Exam Update

Hey everyone,
I hope everyones exams are going well, for all those who are in school. And for those lucky people who aren't be thankful ... for a short time because my finals are finished on Thursday and then I am free for a month! How many people get a month of Christmas vacation? not too may that is for sure; this year I am one of the lucky ones. Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. I will come Thursday.

Well, my exams are going sort of well. My take home for ecology of fish went pretty good, and I was pretty psyched walking out of my psychology exam (no pun intended)! Tomorrow morning is geography - wish me luck! I feel as though I am going to need a miracle to get through geography (30%) and then my sociology exam (50%) which is Thursday morning. Well, I am off to bed to get a good sleep, then up early for review and off to the final!

here's to making it through the next 38 hours alive!

Positive thinking!! Lets hope it works!

I know I can, I know I can! hahaha

loves to all!

you know you love me

30 November 2008

Something to Think About - Heartbreak

Getting over the heartbreak

"Someday you will cry for me like I cried for you.
Someday you will miss me like I missed you,
you'll need me like I needed you and
someday you'll love me
but I wont love you."

Just a little quote to keep you thinking ... exam time ... sorry about the lack of posts I promise to be better next week :)
The last week of school, finishing all the assignments was stressful but we had an end of classes party last night. It was fun but now must start/finish my take home exam and study for my final tomorrow night - wish me luck :)

you know you love me

19 November 2008

HEY! Pay Attention its I-Week!

Hey all,

This is the craziest and most fin and exciting few weeks of my life ever, it kicked off with the 11th Annual IBChi Sorority Ball :D - good times and bonding with all my sisters - special love goes out to V! and K and her new baby boy! :D

pictured: all sisters (and soon-to-be sisters) with our Cutie Pie
(the ball was Saturday)

Monday was the day of Charm (Philanthropy - I am so proud of the pledges they collected donated lots of wonderful things to the women's shelter)
Tuesday the pledges put on such an awesome social / fundraiser :D
Today is the Day of Joy and Friday is the Day of Beauty and Saturday is the final steps for the pledges :D good luck to them all.

so my life seems a little glamorous at the moment, hanging out with my sisters, bonding and watching movies and eating popcorn well reality check into the rest of my life -------

School is insane by Friday I have to - write a psychology paper, do a presentation with a written report, catalog and organize my lab book for fish ecology oh and make it to the Lifting of the skirts by 7 .... thus the insanity of this week is here. However, my insanity hopes to be short lived, relaxing on Sunday - but I also have a presentation for the following Thursday good thing is its a group project so the work is divided! ... hypothetically right? I know that's what you are thinking and my answer is YES it is! My group kicks butt! We work well together. :D
oh and I have decided to start temporarily compile memoirs we will see how long it lasts
seeing as how finals start december 1st
However, I will be done quickly since only 3 of classes have official finals so I will be flying home on the 5th - WOOT!!
you know you love me and my craziness,

06 November 2008

So, blogging is difficult with all my school work, however, I fear it may become worse in the winter semester with three full biology courses.
So to get everything up to date, my life is going fairly well, of course there is the stress of school and planning the philanthropy events for the sorority. Also, some fun news for a fundraising we are creating a calendar we had the photo shoot this past weekend, it was lots of fun. Good bonding time with my sisters.
School has been good for the most part I am doing well on my assignments and tests. My exams will be finished super early thus since family Christmas which is very exciting since I haven't been in attendance for three years. So I off to book a flight home this afternoon after class.
The only bad part is at the moment is that I am unemployed. I feel as though I have been searching for a job for EVER! Although, for the holidays I hope to pick up some banquet shifts once home. I'll keep you posted.
Anyways, I hope to do better to update.
you know you love me,

12 October 2008

Crazy Hectic Life ... Some Good Some Bad

Howdy Cowgirls and Cowboys

Well, let me tell you my story ...
Last week was insane I tell you ... as if I don't have enough school they just add more! It was insanity I tell you; all on top of which I need to find a job, an actual job seeing as how my great whenever job has turned into a never again job :(
So I had 2 midterms, an essay, tonnes of lab work, and a take-home midterm! The take-home isn't due until Tuesday however, that kind of ruins the whole chillaxin lazy long turkey day weekend that I had in mind. Plus, I have another test next week :P geography ... not thinking it will be too difficult except the memorizing of all the countries of Africa on top of the information covered. - oh that will be so EASY! hahaha
*going insane*

However, I have managed thus far to barely do my take-home, but instead rather Friday evening was spent at early happy hour at King's with my roomie R and her friend K who got us in - (its a totally hush hush type deal) OOPS! I spilled the beans lol
Then came Saturday .. which is in fact yesterday! I slept in, watched Halloween movies, then headed to Peggy's Cove with my A!! However, as it seems to always go with us we never reached our destination!
We saw the fall fair was going on, complete with a midway! So what do we do? Turn off! - Of course! Was there ever any doubt? I don't think so! hahaha We watched the barrel racing which was awesome only a couple guys knocked over barrels
We did the rides, each got a bag of free cookies - the good chocolate chip ones :D
Had yummy greasy fair food burgers, hot dogs, and poutine! Did some more rides, all the crazy nauseating ones of course!

Then of course no fall fair is complete without cotton candy! Cotton Candy defines fall fairs - so you know there is a law, ( I INSTATED IT MYSELF as princess ) that one must not go to a fall fair or any similar place without purchasing the pink and blue greatness that is cotton candy!

Anyways, tonight I am off with ma ladies to the Carrie Underwood Concert that I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for ALL summer --- no joke! So I need to go! See ya around y'all!
you know you love me,

10 October 2008

Lovin' Life - The Single Life!!

Hey all
This one is for the all the lovely single ladies out there, I totally loved this article and I am sure you will too! Because you doesn't love Sex and the City? and SSB? This article was on my home page ... sympatico.ca
I have posted a link below directly to the article if you want to check it out as well as posted it here:

you know you love me,

10 Reasons it's Great to be Single
Nix the relationships and dating! ELLE gives you 10 reasons why it's fabulous to be on your own!
by Natalie Bahadur
In an old episode of the much-loved television series Sex and the City, four single Manhattan girls bemoaned the loss of their SSB, once they were in a relationship. Can't quite recall the episode? Well, SSB was code for Secret Single Behaviour. You know ... that stuff you do as a single that you would never want your guy to witness?
Carrie mourned the loss of being able to stand in her kitchen in her underwear eating stacks of saltines, while Miranda's secret behaviour involved hand lotion, gloves and infomercials. While many women might choose to sacrifice their behind-closed-doors-only behaviour, in order to find eternal bliss (ahem!) with Mr. Right, there are others who aren't so sure. Maybe being free to do what you want, when you want, just isn't so bad at all! Don't believe us?
Here are 10 reasons it's great to be single:
10. Your shoe inventory is nobody's business but your ownSeriously, do you realize how much a full-time partner would complain about your shoe collection? Using words like "outrageous", "excessive" and "unnecessary". Really, do you need to hear your treasured possessions maligned this way? No. No you don't.
9. The only mess in your home is your own mess!Picking up after a man is a sure way to kill the romance. Dirty socks and tossed aside t-shirts are just not your problem. If you're cleaning up a mess, at least it's your mess and you only have yourself to blame for the clutter.
8. Trust us; you'll have peace of mindWhether you're in a brand new, shiny relationship or one that's reached a comfort level that involves sweats and popcorn on a Saturday night, interpreting the foreign language of men is always a constant. Being single means never having to say, "I wonder what he meant when he said ... "
7. Any night is girls' nightIf you want to get all dolled up and hit the town with your friends, or whether you want to throw open the doors to your home to host an all-night girls night (complete of course with wine and witty banter), you can do so any night, without having to check in with you-know-who.
6. You don't have to deal with in-laws. You love your own parents but even they can drive you around the bend sometimes. When you're in a relationship, it just means two sets of parents who can annoy, aggravate, infuriate and irritate you. Who needs that? Your own parents do the job just fine.
5. It's all about you, all the time. That about sums it up. You can do what you want, go where you want, eat what you want, wear what you want, sleep in when you want, get up when you want, shop where you want ... the list goes on and on, but you get the point!
4. That big, comfortable bed is ALL yoursSure, it's nice to snuggle from time to time, but really, when you get into bed, isn't it better to be able to stretch out and really, truly relax without the worry of getting booted off in the middle of the night by a wayward arm? Or waking up in the middle of the night with teeth chattering as you fumble blindly for your fair share of the blankets? Sleep is precious, ladies! Reclaim what's rightfully yours!
3. Birthdays and special occasions will never be forgotten. You needn't spend another birthday or Valentine's Day wondering whether he'll remember or convincing yourself that his forgetfulness doesn't translate into thoughtlessness.
2. Your entertainment options will always be entertaining to youThis means that you don't have to spend another Saturday night watching some stupid space movie or another Monday night watching grown men run across a field for 2 seconds with a ball, drop it, then run for another 2 seconds, drop it ... yes, we're talking about Monday Night Football.

And the number one reason it's great to be single?

1. Independence: That's hot!Instead of falling into a relationship just because that's what you think you should do, embrace your singlehood and just do it all for yourself. Whether it's paying down debt or buying a new home, take pride in your solo accomplishments.

All rights reserved: © Transcontinental Media G.P.


23 September 2008


I love TV, however, my favourite shows usually end up cancelled because I always pick winners! Anyways, not the point of this blog .. maybe another time!
The reason for this blog is to discuss the third season being here - finally - HEROES!
There are some spoilers sorry ... watch the episodes first before reading! Feel free to let me know what your opinions of the story lines are!

*****SPOILER ALERT *****

So, last night, Monday was the season premiere of Heroes - for 2 hours! They played two episodes which was awesome!! OK so this is what I THINK!!!

Claire Bennet
- the cheerleader - "save the cheerleader, save the world" from season 1 she can spontaneously regenerate - Sylar came and cut her head open "takes her power" and she is confused when she isn't dead yet - she cannot die! Later, she discovers she can no longer pain - the only thing that kept her feeling human - Since this wasn't part of the future that was supposed to happen ... will it be undone? If not, what will happen to Claire?

-played by Hayden Panettiere

bad versus good ??


future versus present??

Noah Bennet
-(Claire's adoptive dad) has been being held captive on Level 5
- without powers, Elle sort of lets him go when she discovers her father is dead - Sylar - now he locks Sylar up in Level 5 however, Elle lets the other evils down there free so Noah is off to "recapture" them

Elle Bishop

-generate and manipulate electricity - a little off her rocker but understandably so - she accidentally allows the evils from level 5 lose and thus their escape! You are never really sure if she is on the good team or the evil team or a double agent or what!?!?!

-She is played by Kirsten Bell who I also LOVE from way back when - Veronica Mars!

Hiro and Ando
- Hiro can manipulate time and space
and Ando has no super powers or "abilities"
- they are protecting half of the "formula"
- not sure if I really like this story line; the new super fast chick is kinda cool though
-once it intermingles I am sure it will get better


- she can see the future yet she doesn't seem to do anything about it except blame Peter for messing it up and changing it

- he can fly and now he has found God?? I am a little confused by this story line and the way Nikki or Jessica or Tracy may or may not intersect

- future Peter sure has a chip on his shoulder - I wonder what happened to him - differentiated by the scar on his face
-present-day Peter was locked up inside Jesse - an evil powered guy on level 5 that escaped and is now a fugitive whose power we are unaware of ... what could it be? what is so evil that Noah couldn't tell Claire??

Mohinder (and Maya)
-never really been my favourite story line ... but things certainly are heating up

Matt Parkman
- he can read people's minds and manipulate them as well
-where is Molly Walker?

Nikki Saunders or Jessica Saunders
or Tracy Strauss

-what is up with the new power?
and where is Micah and Monica?


-evil, he had no power until he started killing people and taking them from others he is extremely powerful; even more so now having Claire's ability for regeneration ...
-we find he may be Angela's other son? what is that about?
- but in the stay tuned for next week clips he begins to work for the company? and becomes Noah's partner?

You know you love Heroes,

11 September 2008

Largest Blog Update of LIfe

Hey everyone,

I apologize for neglecting my blog ... its been a crazy 2 weeks. First I made it to school, so the great trek is over for another 8 months. However, I have been 'blogging' I just either haven't had Internet or time or both to post. So this will be one monumental huge post about lots of things

The Great Trek

So we finally got out on the road for the trip to school! We left Saturday afternoon .. around 1pm. So I have been typing my blog out and will post once I get to my new apartment. Since I need the hot spot time to check my email and facebook of course. As well as check the online maps because someone forgot the triptik *cough*DAD*cough*

Day 1 - Saturday

We drove .... meanwhile I read, listened to my ipod and played on my new laptop ... oh yes the reason we did not get to leave as scheduled. Also, I am putting a shout out to Kat and Scott who are getting married today!! As I wish them all the best!

Day 2 - Sunday

There is move driving we finally stopped at a truck stop with free wireless and I was going to post this blog so far however, my battery was running low due to the fact that I was playing lots of chess earlier trying to gain back the skill I seemingly lost since I stopped playing.... because the only person who would play with me was Stephie and so I taught her how to play; then she continually beat through the course of about 4 months til I decided that was enough ...
I was chatting on facebook to Cait who is heading this way as well (she is going to the same school as me now ... for graduate studies). However, she is about half a day behind us since she had to work last night.

Day 3 - Monday

Some more driving ... in cruddy weather its cold and rainy and it sucks!! Stopped at a hot spot a little while ago but I couldn't get it working until like 3 minutes before we were leaving. So yeah totally pointless!! However, mom got cinnamon buns. :D
Despite the crud weather, I am excited since today is the day that I get to move into my new apartment, with new people who are seemingly pretty awesome. There are so many things to do when I get back its insane!
Most of my friends have already got all kinds of things all planned ... margarita Monday, apartment crawl, and of course .... GREEK OLYMPICS!!
Well now its pouring rain as we cross the border into NS!!! Darn Atlantic province!! Well what to do in the rain ... read ... nothing better than keeping warm and reading a good book!

Moving in ...
Moving in was an insane process; the previous tenants were not out on time. Had to paint my walls, move my stuff in. My room is still messy but its getting better. Slowly ... very slowly!!

Well the margarita Monday was fun, the apartment crawl was cancelled and Greek Olympics was good ... I went for the morning events - I had to work at 3:30pm!! Anyways, we won't know who won until the Greek Ball.
Oh yes and work, its crazy this year Audrey has a new job and needs me from 3:30 til around midnight!! All that and ...

Classes have started and things are already pretty crazy. I have 2 fourth year biology's, a geography, an intro to sociology and forensic psychology. Lots of reading and studying to do! I am off to the library now to hopefully get a start on all the work I have to do! Since I missed my class this morning. :P

you know you still love me,

29 August 2008

The Great Trek

Today is the day ... or it was supposed to be that I would be leaving for the great trek!
However, problem after problem just so happen to occur TODAY! So what happened? you say, well let me tell you!
Well, this morning I worked in the Grill, which isn't a problem really since I told my manager I would work this morning. However, some of my favourite members came in for lunch today just as I was leaving so then I stopped to chat for a bit of course, so I didn't really leave as early as possible. Then of course saying goodbye to all the other servers! And my supervisors, the chefs, and of course the ladies in the office!!
However, while I was at work my dad had been trying to fix my computer, however, to no avail - its pretty much dead ... at least that's what I figure. My dad is going to ask my uncle to take a look at it later. Though, I still need a computer for school!! So, then dad and I had to go and buy me a new one, I had been planning on getting a laptop anyways but I had not planned on it being my main computer, it was supposed to be like for "school" and then I was going to use my desktop for personal ... so to hold my music, movies, and games.
Since I got my computer from a local store ... not a chain ... my computer will not be ready until tomorrow; so we will head out by tomorrow my noon.
Then of course, there's the fact that I still wasn't packed!! There is that fact, of course and the fact that I have WAY TOO much stuff!! Not too much stuff I say, just not a minimalist lifestyle that would be more accommodating for moving cross-country twice a year! I ask you ... Can you only life with 3 pairs of jeans? A few tops? A couple sweaters? 1 pair of shoes, sandals, and boots; EACH?


I am joking ... sort of. I am sure there are people like that out there, and no offence is meant ... I just have no idea -- ABSOLUTELY NONE -- how it can possibly be done! I would never be able to live like that; I am sure I could do better but lets not think of that. I enjoy my materialistic ways .. for now.

On another note, the next couple days is MY vacation time; so I am going to enjoy it, relax, read, and maybe do a few sudoku puzzles.

enjoy your LAST long weekend!! :D
you know you love me,

26 August 2008

Look Out!! Here I Come!

Hello there,

Well, guess what? The road out there just got a little scarier! Today I got my G1 licence!!!
I only got one answer wrong out of 40!!!
So I am taking to the roads in the 4 days I have left! haha
The car that I have wanted for quite some time is a white miata here's a picture of a 1993 one that I LOVE!! Although I would prefer black interior ... leather perhaps!?

Anyways, thats the news for today and I need to get back to my packing and organizing and such!! :D

you'd better watch out
you know you love me,

25 August 2008

My Weekend Off

Hello again!

I had booked this weekend off because it was my uncle's wedding and I didn't want to miss it!! I got both Saturday and Sunday off as well as today (Monday)! The ceremony was outside by the lake and it was absolutely gorgeous!! Whitney (now my aunt :D) looked absolutely amazing! My dad drove the bridal party to the location in his '62 red Invicta Buick!! I took quite a few pictures with my new camera! (Dad gave it to me) I'll be posting them on facebook soon! The dance was not a formal one which was awesome no boring speeches just food, booze, and dancing and lots of fun!!!!
Sunday was spent relaxing reading and watching movies as well as some organizing ... more of which I am doing today -- I leave to go across country for school on Friday!!!
Today, I watched the Sigmund Freud biography which was really interesting lol ... I know I'm a geek!! Now I am blogging to avoid packing!! Although, I am slowly running out of interesting tidbits to write about thus I must sign off and get back to my life or rather packing it up and moving it yet again ... for another two years this moving craziness will continue!! The great trek to and from home and school!! I can't wait for it to be all over! However, if I am gonna go on to do my Masters it will be more moving, however, no longer will I be looking do far away from home!

getting back to the 'real' world,
you know you love me,

23 August 2008

Gettin All Dolled Up!

Hi there,

So I have been getting all dressed up today I decided that since I had the entire day off I was going to have my own spa day since I didn't book an appointment or want to spend money on a real spa since I have other things in the works! So I had a bubble bath and did my own nails!! But not to worry! All of my absolute wonderfulness will not go to waste SINCE my uncle's wedding is tonight!! So excited!

Last night, after I got home from work (an awesome day I might add; really busy made lots of money!) I headed down the street to my uncle's (and soon-to-be aunt's) house! We had champagne and strawberries and went over stuff for today of course!!

Anyways, I still have a few last minute things to do ... change into my dress, put on my earnings, do my makeup and finish my hair!

Anyways, you know you love me,
gorgeous as always,

22 August 2008

Talking about Seven simple ways to get - and keep - wealth

Talking about Seven simple ways to get - and keep - wealth - Investing Deirdre McMurdy - Sympatico / MSN Finance
Seven simple ways to get - and keep - wealth - Investing Deirdre McMurdy - Sympatico / MSN Finance

I found this article on my home page which is most obviouly sympatico.ca!! I think that the five points that are brought up are good ones to be considered! Even now, whilst I am in piles of debt and still in school and planning on a few more years of being in school!

"1. Always set aside at least 10 per cent of your earnings and "pay yourself" first. Once you have established that habit, you will soon find that you don't miss that amount and it has little overall impact on your budget."

I think this is an awesome idea; however, at the time doesn't exactly work for me personally since I don't tend to worl for 8 months of the year. However, during the summer since I am a server I tend to put my entire paycheck - thats right 100% of my paycheck towards my credit line! So I essentially live off of the tips I make and this works well since I am really good at my job ... being a people person and all that!

"2. When it comes to spending, learn to delineate between need and want and remember that no matter how much you spend, there will always be more that you want."

For me, my dad installed a program on my computer called "Quicken: Cash Manger" its a computer program that helps you track your spending and assests (property and such)! If you do onine banking you can directly download your debt interactions and withdrawals and deposits from your banks website! You also can 'tag' each item into groeries, dining, clothes, etc. So after 1 year you can create a fairly accurate budget and it shows you where exactly your money is going! I love it and think that if you need financial planning you should look into this program or a similar one! This also goes into point 3.


Everyone has money and everyone needs to find ways to save more so this is my say and such!

You know you love me,

15 August 2008

Today ... just another work day!


Well, today is my double shift day! yay! NOT! Anyways, I got up went to work for 6am and worked til almost 1:45pm. Then I came home and slept, isn't my life exciting these days?! nope! Anyways, just writing this little note as I am getting ready to go back to work and the function plated dinner for a golf tournament! (which are fairly boring) but on the bright side I won't be there crazy late! Hopefully, they'll leave fairly early and we'll get done setting up and such for tomorrows wedding not too late (if its not a complicated setting)! So I can be home and in bed! YAY! :D

Anyways, off I go looking like a penguin!!

lovin' bein' a penguin!



13 August 2008

A Little Adventure


I just thought I would fill you in on my little adventure yesterday before I head to bed (I work at 6am)!

I went to visit with family friends Karen, Matt, and Michelle who live in Collingwood. Driving with my mom we listened to the radio and it was a fairly uneventful drive except for those few crazies who obviously did not know how to drive all that well!

We drove through Horseshoe Valley and I haven't for a while, and had totally forgotten how gorgeous it looks in the summer when all the ski hills are covered in grass, with the golf courses and all the trees! Also, the beach is my favourite - looking out over the blue water!

Michelle and I went out for dinner (Matt had to go to work! party pooper! ha ha) and then strolled the main drag eating Norman's Nephew's frozen yogurt!! yummm!! Strawberry-Oreo and Strawberry-Watermelon!! Its the greatest place on the planet; you can mix any 2 flavours you want in ice cream or frozen yogurt!

Oh, and today I got up early went to work with mom so I could clean the hall for her and afterwards I met with my friend Laura, from work, who I also went to high school with!! It was great fun, I love how we now are much better friends then in high school!!

you know you love me and my fun!

11 August 2008

My New Friend

So at some point last week someone abandoned the cutest little tabby cat around my street. She (or he) is declawed so she is not a stray. I feel so bad for the poor thing its straving so I have been giving it some of my cat's food and its so sad she eats it all so fast! My dad gets annoyed cause now it won't want to leave! But, I cannot just leave it to starve! My mom has been feeding it occassionally as well. And says that she's going to call the SPCA but I hope she doesn't, hopefully we can find it a home. Or keep it, but that is unlikely, since we already have 2 cats and a dog! So if you're in the Ontario area let me know if you'd like a kitty! Its very cute! If I can find the camera I'll post some pictures!!
Anyways, I have decided to call it Tabby, since its a fairly gender neutral name, however, chances are since its declawed its fixed so it no longer has a gender.

As for work, I am kind of over the drama and am getting over it! Anyways I have three days off (today, tomorrow, and wednesday).
Today: did not do too much do to the lack of sleep due to the fact I got completely involved in my book and was up to the wee hours of the morning.
Tomorrow: I plan to be more productive and continue packing, and then mom and are going to Collingwood to visit some friends; so some good times!
Wednesday: I am going to clean the hall for mom and then meet Laura for lunch! > She's got the morning grill shift and since I am off it works perfect for our lunch chat sessions!

So I have started counting the days til I am back at school and moving into my new apartment with some pretty, sexy, kick-ass people!!

you know you love me,

08 August 2008

Work, work, work!!

Hi there!

Life has been crazy the last few days and its going to get crazier! Wednesday I closed the Grill ... sort of late but it wasn't too bad and made good tips! Then yesterday (thursday) I closed again, but then had to go and clean the bingo hall since it has to be done before saturday! So I got home late last night, now I am off to work in a little bit because I close AGAIN tonight! As if that was the worst part - well it isn't! I open tomorrow morning (saturday) at 6 am!!! I hope we close fairly early otherwise I am going to be extremely tired and irritable on saturday - not a good thing to be in the service industry! Also, you would think the people scheduling us would have a clue - they don't! They do this every week to Laura and I and we're frustrated!
However, that we are used to! Its not even the worst of it! Next week I have 3 days off! Which you're thinking well, thats great, make some plans hang out with friends - relax - NOPE can't because I need those hours because I need the money plus my days off are during the week and most of my friends work during the week :P
It gets WORSE!!
Next week, I have a a double split shift on friday >> open at 6am in the Grill then leave then come back to work a function at night and then close on Saturday .. so much for giving us one weekend night!!
Anyways, that's my rant for today! How employers are evil! How I wish life were easier sometimes like those people who never seem to have to worry about money or ever really work for anything. I know I know it builds character or what ever! :P
Oh, wells, I will just keep thinking about a quote I once read:

You are given the life you have because you are strong enough to get through it!

or something like that ... not a direct quote and I don't remember who said it or where I read it Sorry!

you know you love me!

06 August 2008

Life continues ...

Hi there

So my life continues the endless days of working at the golf course; its not that bad today I should say I made great tips and am extremely excited about it since I can now pay my mom back for the jewelry she put on her credit card for me. I am not sure if I mentioned the jewelry party it was a while ago now. It was put on by a neighbour down the street by a company called SILPADA; I got a neat pair of earings and a garnet ring set (3 rings that you can wear together or sparately or in any combination really). I really love them and for once I think I will enjoy wearing rings > not to work at the moment ... would ruin them! lol
Also, my birthday passed as you know but I got to open my presents and it was awesome and exchanged presents with my friend Jo last night (she made me chocolates as part of my present which I am eating right now!) and went and saw The Dark Knight. It was awesome .
Anyways, thanks to all for the great gifts!
Monday was the civic holiday and my mom and I took my grandma shopping, it was seniors day shopping at Zellers. My grandma loves to go shopping; me too! lol Afterwards mom took us to lunch at Arby's ... one of my favourite fastfood joints in town.
My mom and I then started the wonderful task of starting to organize my stuff for my great trek cross-country for school. Since I had tuesday off I continued it and made it worse.
BUT ...

its always darkest before the dawn!!

So tonight, maybe I may continue the packing ... so far i have made a dent, a small one, but none the less I will not tarnish my progress!! lol
Anyways, I need to blog for 101 in 1001 since I have seriously neglected it then I think it'll be back to the packing and sleeping :)

so long,
you know you love me,

28 July 2008

Things can go bad ...

Life isn't always sunshine and rainbows and that totally sucks wind!

I wish things could get better and that the nightmare of my HUGE mistakes of this past year would go away! I wish I knew what I did, its the worse when you don't even know your mistake so you can't apologize and try to fix it. Don't mis-read > I don't want to repair the tattered friendship, not now not ever! At least as far as I can see. I can't handle the fact that she handled the situation terribly and extremely immaturely.

Its almost over!

Thank goodness!


25 July 2008

Sex and the City!!


I found some Sex and The City quotes I love and I think you will to!!

Carrie: I just love Sleeping Beauty! The music, the sets, the costumes. It's so romantic!

Stanford: You only like it because she sleeps for a hundred years and doesn't age.

Samantha: "Sex appeal is 50% what you have and 50% what others think you have"

Samantha: "Sex is like bridge: If you don't have a good partner, you better have a good hand."

Carrie: City girls are just country girls with cuter outfits.

Samantha: "How we are in bed is how we are in life. I've never met a man who was bad in bed but good at life."

you know you love me,



Today is ...

well its my birthday!! ... I am 21! Can you imagine? Its awesome. Even though I had to work all day and I mean ALL day! I worked at the course in the morning then cleaned the hall after!!! Been up since 4:23am EST! Which is the time I was actually born! :D

Well I am off to have some good clean fun ... or some bad dirty fun, depends on your frame of mind and what unfolds in the events of tonight!

I know you love me, you know you love me,

22 July 2008

My Long Day!

Ok so I thought I was supposed to work at 6am today .. not such a hardship in the grand scheme of things. I get to work adn realize I am not opening but rather closing thus starting at noon! hahaha anyways good thing I was there because the girl who was scheduled called in sick and since next week I have three days off again I was oh so brillant and told my supervisor Lois I would just work the whole day!!! So I worked from 6am until 9pm!!! I am sooooooo tired! I'm not complaining because I need the hours but man was that aweful .. I just wish it had been a bit busier during the afternoon so it didn't make my shift go on forever! So I listened to Kenny Chesney's Shift Work after I got home then ran a bath a nice beatiful blue treasures of the Sea bath by Karma Sutra and oh man was it was read Cosmo and then lathered on grapefruit body butter!! I love pampering myself! Now I am going to read more of my book > Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot!! Then, its off to bed for this tired princess!

You know you love me,
tired but refreshed!

21 July 2008

T- 4 days!!!

So another year of my life is almost finished and another one to begin.
Regrets? Some, not that I can change anything, however, I feel as though I will be reverting back to a former self, such that, I am having trouble trusting people but then lets not dwell. I'll have to work hard not to lose my progress and be more cautious in the future. Not getting into the forensic diploma program is a setback but screw 'em I have the experience and half the stuff they teach is useless! A good percentage is not needed in the normal day-to-day life of an anaylst.
Accomplishments? nope not really oh well though, although I don yet another year of single-dom and that is pretty awesome, not too some people but hey its my life and there are too many benefits ;) lol but who knows?! I have decided that
WOW! Sometimes I think I could tell my life in icons! lol ironically, I have an icon that says that lol
Plans and goals for the upcoming year? yeah i guess ... get well on my way to completing my 101 in 1001 list! most of my goals are on there anyway so read that blog!! HA!

you know you love me,

My Life in Pictures

So I decided to tell my life in pictures. Not only was this fun but a total time waster lol
Here's how it works:
1. Go to www.photobucket.com (don't sign in)
2. Type in your answer to the question in the 'search' box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer.

What's your first name?

What is your relationship status?

What's your favourite colour?

What song are you listening to?

What is your favourite movie(s)?

Favourite thing to drink (non bar drink)?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Favourite TV show(s)?

Favourite Sport?

Favourite bar drink?

Dream car?

Favourite food?

Where would you like to be right now?

What would you like to be doing?

10 July 2008

A Little Distracted

I am sorry for being away for awhile, I just have had i don't know lets call them "issues," namely my family; my bro and my mom! Moving back home even for a short while after you have been more or less independent (much I believe to my mothers dismay ... she prefers to CONTROL things - EVERYTHING) is difficult! As for the younger sibling who shares half my DNA (although I have yet to receive conformation about this! ... lol ... sorta) is immature, cant grow up, does things against my beliefs, and lets his dog destroy my stuff!! (although its getting a bit better - the dog not my bro! lol totally lol)

oh and i have torn things apart because i cannot find my checkbook (i owe my friend some money she fronted me for my concert ticket) anyways i finally find today!! THE DAY SHE LEAVES!!! *pulls hair out* so now I feel completely terrible!! so I am going to send it to her asap i.e. my the next chance i can possibly get with a card and everything cause i feel like completely terrible!!

On a positive note, my bro was less irritable today (basically i work from 6am - 1pm, at the course then for my mom for a couple hours then came home and he left foe work after dinner lol)
my mom is in a good mood thus I am 200% less stressed that shes decided she'll still pay for Mexico :D however, no mention of Florida ... so I'm on my own which is fine by me; one more thing she'll yell at me for but hey I'll be in Florida then school in Hali!!!

still love me?,

02 July 2008

Oh Why Hello,

As you may have noticed my 101 in 1001 list disappeared I decided to start over and give it its own blog just to keep things easy and organized! :D
Thats all,
just keeping you informed of my life,
you know you love me,

Canada Day!!

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend or a weekend plus a day. I unforunately had to work however, I was so happy that we closed kinda early and I was home with just enough time to change and get to the fireworks at the park. I took some picks of the fireworks and as soon as I figure out how to transfer them from my phone I will upload them.

Not much has been going on around here ... I finally have internet at the new house and its great!! On top of that I am totally completely off today and tomorrow!!! :D:D Its totally some time for some R & R oh and since I work hard I also like to party hard, so tonight I am going out with a bunch of the girls from work, should be pretty sweet!

Also, this morning I registered for my courses for the fall and winter semesters. So I am super happy thats over with :D

Anyways, thats all for now.
you know you love me,

16 June 2008

My 1st Blog

I'm Sarah, this is my first actual "blog" so I'm sure I'll get the hang of this at some point. I also apologize if I do not post everyday as I am in university and my life gets pretty crazy at times. Between school, friends, family, and being an active sister in good-standing (I strive to be) in my sorority, (IBX).
So a little about me, I am random and love good times hate the bad times of life and I am here to share it all with you. I am almost 21 and work at a golf course during the summer months (may-august) with some seriously awesome chicks and my dudes, lol. Also, I enjoy my single life filled with hanging with my girls and watching movies til 2am!! and having spa parties and martini nights!
I hope you all make comments and let me know your domains so I can totally check out your blogs cause I love reading blogs. Which is one of the reasons why I started one here now!
However, I also see this blog as a wonderful procrastination tool! As I have a final for my spring semester on Wednesday and should be studying at the moment.
Anyways, thats all for now! Have a good one!
xoxo you know you love me! ;)