18 September 2010

All Settled in or so You Thought...

So, when I was moving here - I was thinking everything would go smoothly - an easy transition, HA! Well, first off I was thinking I have it made - I got a transfer from the store from which I was working at in Halifax. How wrong was I - this new manager lady is the most difficult lady on the planet to track down.
First, she is not in the day I call, then she is on vacation, then oh she should be in later today, then when I am finally able to talk to her and confirm her existence - she is just TOO busy to talk to me about anything. So when I finally am put on the schedule it is for a day I told her (long ago I might add) that I was not available - mainly because I had class from 9am til 2pm! So she books me for 930am - 430pm shift!! Her excuse was she had "accidentally" or "mistakenly" must have deleted my email.

06 September 2010

Back to the Home Province

 So, here I am all moved back to Ontario! I went to the hometown for a few days, then went off to the U S of A for roller-coasters, shopping and girl time.

So on this long Labour Day weekend I have been moving my stuff into my new 'apartment', my bedroom is very small but the rest are all so large, guess I lost the draw of straws. I just wish the weather was nicer instead of all this rain and gray skies. It just doesn't work for me.

I know I need to go to the store to get some stuff but just do not have the energy to do much of anything. Oh well I will leave my room eventually....

you know you love me