23 September 2008


I love TV, however, my favourite shows usually end up cancelled because I always pick winners! Anyways, not the point of this blog .. maybe another time!
The reason for this blog is to discuss the third season being here - finally - HEROES!
There are some spoilers sorry ... watch the episodes first before reading! Feel free to let me know what your opinions of the story lines are!

*****SPOILER ALERT *****

So, last night, Monday was the season premiere of Heroes - for 2 hours! They played two episodes which was awesome!! OK so this is what I THINK!!!

Claire Bennet
- the cheerleader - "save the cheerleader, save the world" from season 1 she can spontaneously regenerate - Sylar came and cut her head open "takes her power" and she is confused when she isn't dead yet - she cannot die! Later, she discovers she can no longer pain - the only thing that kept her feeling human - Since this wasn't part of the future that was supposed to happen ... will it be undone? If not, what will happen to Claire?

-played by Hayden Panettiere

bad versus good ??


future versus present??

Noah Bennet
-(Claire's adoptive dad) has been being held captive on Level 5
- without powers, Elle sort of lets him go when she discovers her father is dead - Sylar - now he locks Sylar up in Level 5 however, Elle lets the other evils down there free so Noah is off to "recapture" them

Elle Bishop

-generate and manipulate electricity - a little off her rocker but understandably so - she accidentally allows the evils from level 5 lose and thus their escape! You are never really sure if she is on the good team or the evil team or a double agent or what!?!?!

-She is played by Kirsten Bell who I also LOVE from way back when - Veronica Mars!

Hiro and Ando
- Hiro can manipulate time and space
and Ando has no super powers or "abilities"
- they are protecting half of the "formula"
- not sure if I really like this story line; the new super fast chick is kinda cool though
-once it intermingles I am sure it will get better


- she can see the future yet she doesn't seem to do anything about it except blame Peter for messing it up and changing it

- he can fly and now he has found God?? I am a little confused by this story line and the way Nikki or Jessica or Tracy may or may not intersect

- future Peter sure has a chip on his shoulder - I wonder what happened to him - differentiated by the scar on his face
-present-day Peter was locked up inside Jesse - an evil powered guy on level 5 that escaped and is now a fugitive whose power we are unaware of ... what could it be? what is so evil that Noah couldn't tell Claire??

Mohinder (and Maya)
-never really been my favourite story line ... but things certainly are heating up

Matt Parkman
- he can read people's minds and manipulate them as well
-where is Molly Walker?

Nikki Saunders or Jessica Saunders
or Tracy Strauss

-what is up with the new power?
and where is Micah and Monica?


-evil, he had no power until he started killing people and taking them from others he is extremely powerful; even more so now having Claire's ability for regeneration ...
-we find he may be Angela's other son? what is that about?
- but in the stay tuned for next week clips he begins to work for the company? and becomes Noah's partner?

You know you love Heroes,

11 September 2008

Largest Blog Update of LIfe

Hey everyone,

I apologize for neglecting my blog ... its been a crazy 2 weeks. First I made it to school, so the great trek is over for another 8 months. However, I have been 'blogging' I just either haven't had Internet or time or both to post. So this will be one monumental huge post about lots of things

The Great Trek

So we finally got out on the road for the trip to school! We left Saturday afternoon .. around 1pm. So I have been typing my blog out and will post once I get to my new apartment. Since I need the hot spot time to check my email and facebook of course. As well as check the online maps because someone forgot the triptik *cough*DAD*cough*

Day 1 - Saturday

We drove .... meanwhile I read, listened to my ipod and played on my new laptop ... oh yes the reason we did not get to leave as scheduled. Also, I am putting a shout out to Kat and Scott who are getting married today!! As I wish them all the best!

Day 2 - Sunday

There is move driving we finally stopped at a truck stop with free wireless and I was going to post this blog so far however, my battery was running low due to the fact that I was playing lots of chess earlier trying to gain back the skill I seemingly lost since I stopped playing.... because the only person who would play with me was Stephie and so I taught her how to play; then she continually beat through the course of about 4 months til I decided that was enough ...
I was chatting on facebook to Cait who is heading this way as well (she is going to the same school as me now ... for graduate studies). However, she is about half a day behind us since she had to work last night.

Day 3 - Monday

Some more driving ... in cruddy weather its cold and rainy and it sucks!! Stopped at a hot spot a little while ago but I couldn't get it working until like 3 minutes before we were leaving. So yeah totally pointless!! However, mom got cinnamon buns. :D
Despite the crud weather, I am excited since today is the day that I get to move into my new apartment, with new people who are seemingly pretty awesome. There are so many things to do when I get back its insane!
Most of my friends have already got all kinds of things all planned ... margarita Monday, apartment crawl, and of course .... GREEK OLYMPICS!!
Well now its pouring rain as we cross the border into NS!!! Darn Atlantic province!! Well what to do in the rain ... read ... nothing better than keeping warm and reading a good book!

Moving in ...
Moving in was an insane process; the previous tenants were not out on time. Had to paint my walls, move my stuff in. My room is still messy but its getting better. Slowly ... very slowly!!

Well the margarita Monday was fun, the apartment crawl was cancelled and Greek Olympics was good ... I went for the morning events - I had to work at 3:30pm!! Anyways, we won't know who won until the Greek Ball.
Oh yes and work, its crazy this year Audrey has a new job and needs me from 3:30 til around midnight!! All that and ...

Classes have started and things are already pretty crazy. I have 2 fourth year biology's, a geography, an intro to sociology and forensic psychology. Lots of reading and studying to do! I am off to the library now to hopefully get a start on all the work I have to do! Since I missed my class this morning. :P

you know you still love me,