16 June 2008

My 1st Blog

I'm Sarah, this is my first actual "blog" so I'm sure I'll get the hang of this at some point. I also apologize if I do not post everyday as I am in university and my life gets pretty crazy at times. Between school, friends, family, and being an active sister in good-standing (I strive to be) in my sorority, (IBX).
So a little about me, I am random and love good times hate the bad times of life and I am here to share it all with you. I am almost 21 and work at a golf course during the summer months (may-august) with some seriously awesome chicks and my dudes, lol. Also, I enjoy my single life filled with hanging with my girls and watching movies til 2am!! and having spa parties and martini nights!
I hope you all make comments and let me know your domains so I can totally check out your blogs cause I love reading blogs. Which is one of the reasons why I started one here now!
However, I also see this blog as a wonderful procrastination tool! As I have a final for my spring semester on Wednesday and should be studying at the moment.
Anyways, thats all for now! Have a good one!
xoxo you know you love me! ;)