28 October 2009

New Post for New things

There are lots of new fun things in my life at the moment :)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!
and you are just going to have to read my post to know what they are!!! muahahahaha

<- thats my evil laugh ;)

One of my roommates  moved out :(
But we got a new roommate to join the Roomie love fun!

Also, we have a new pledge class for Iota Beta Chi! :) 6 new pledges plus I am Big Sister!!
My Little Sister's name is Julie and she is absolutely hilarious!
Also, there is still more news! I got a new job - NO MORE CALL CENTRE for me!
This week I start at the GAP! clothes, clothes and more clothes!!!

Oh, and on thanksgiving weekend I attended a fundraiser for Kings Soccer and I met a guy who I have been seeing for the last couple weeks and it has been going well.

For the month of October my new artist is Sarah Buxton with her song Outside my Window! 

But my new favourite song is by Miranda Lambert  "Gunpowder and Lead"
however, unfortunately there is no video on youtube.com that I could embed into my post so you will just have to click the link. :)

you know you love me

11 October 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So today my roommates and I had our thanksgiving dinner. It was a very delicious meal. And, what might you ask yourself do poor, destitute students have for thanksgiving you may ask yourself?

Well I am here to tell you!

Why, Thanksgiving Pizza of course!

The perfect blend of gravy, chicken, stuffing, and 2 cheeses (cheddar and mozzarella)!
From Extreme Pizza

It even comes with cranberry sauce for dipping.

Here is my roommate Erin 'carving' our turkey :)

So, enjoy your turkey dinners - Thanksgiving Pizza is the newest thing in Thanksgiving traditions.

Happy Turkey Day to all!

you know you love me

Halloween Fun

Well, Halloween soon approaches and my roommate has made an amazing e-card!
 Starring none other than the coolest people living above Coburg Coffee.

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

watch this!
Ain't it GREAT??!!
I expect comments!

you know you love me