30 November 2008

Something to Think About - Heartbreak

Getting over the heartbreak

"Someday you will cry for me like I cried for you.
Someday you will miss me like I missed you,
you'll need me like I needed you and
someday you'll love me
but I wont love you."

Just a little quote to keep you thinking ... exam time ... sorry about the lack of posts I promise to be better next week :)
The last week of school, finishing all the assignments was stressful but we had an end of classes party last night. It was fun but now must start/finish my take home exam and study for my final tomorrow night - wish me luck :)

you know you love me

19 November 2008

HEY! Pay Attention its I-Week!

Hey all,

This is the craziest and most fin and exciting few weeks of my life ever, it kicked off with the 11th Annual IBChi Sorority Ball :D - good times and bonding with all my sisters - special love goes out to V! and K and her new baby boy! :D

pictured: all sisters (and soon-to-be sisters) with our Cutie Pie
(the ball was Saturday)

Monday was the day of Charm (Philanthropy - I am so proud of the pledges they collected donated lots of wonderful things to the women's shelter)
Tuesday the pledges put on such an awesome social / fundraiser :D
Today is the Day of Joy and Friday is the Day of Beauty and Saturday is the final steps for the pledges :D good luck to them all.

so my life seems a little glamorous at the moment, hanging out with my sisters, bonding and watching movies and eating popcorn well reality check into the rest of my life -------

School is insane by Friday I have to - write a psychology paper, do a presentation with a written report, catalog and organize my lab book for fish ecology oh and make it to the Lifting of the skirts by 7 .... thus the insanity of this week is here. However, my insanity hopes to be short lived, relaxing on Sunday - but I also have a presentation for the following Thursday good thing is its a group project so the work is divided! ... hypothetically right? I know that's what you are thinking and my answer is YES it is! My group kicks butt! We work well together. :D
oh and I have decided to start temporarily compile memoirs we will see how long it lasts
seeing as how finals start december 1st
However, I will be done quickly since only 3 of classes have official finals so I will be flying home on the 5th - WOOT!!
you know you love me and my craziness,

06 November 2008

So, blogging is difficult with all my school work, however, I fear it may become worse in the winter semester with three full biology courses.
So to get everything up to date, my life is going fairly well, of course there is the stress of school and planning the philanthropy events for the sorority. Also, some fun news for a fundraising we are creating a calendar we had the photo shoot this past weekend, it was lots of fun. Good bonding time with my sisters.
School has been good for the most part I am doing well on my assignments and tests. My exams will be finished super early thus since family Christmas which is very exciting since I haven't been in attendance for three years. So I off to book a flight home this afternoon after class.
The only bad part is at the moment is that I am unemployed. I feel as though I have been searching for a job for EVER! Although, for the holidays I hope to pick up some banquet shifts once home. I'll keep you posted.
Anyways, I hope to do better to update.
you know you love me,