17 January 2009

Going Retro!!! ~ Totally 80's


So today it was absolutely freezing out here on the eastern seaboard! Like so cold me and my roomie have not left the house - not to get groceries (which we need) or to even go shopping (which we need as well - well some things lol)! However, we are planning to brave the fierce cold to go to the Retro night -- its the last one *sad* :(

However, we are taking the bus there and will hopefully have a liquor coat to bring us home!

So here's to the 80's the best decade ever!!

you know you love me

16 January 2009

Its been a month! and I'm sorry

I am sad to report a few things,

first I should really update this more often then I do.
So, I have made it a sort of new year's resolution.


~ I hope every one's year is filled with happiness and personal success.
~ Don't forget to help others, listen more, laugh more, and live your life the way you want to.

However, I do not believe in new years resolutions, I do not think you should have to wait until the beginning of a new year to set goals for yourself -- I think that anytime you feel something should change in your life you should just make your goal! ITS YOUR LIFE! ~ ACCOMPLISH THINGS that are important to YOU and make them at ANYTIME during the year.

Which brings me to my other sad thing, and as sad and painful as it is, I feel as though I need to say something about it. A good friend of my family, passed away just before Christmas. My good friends Ma and Mi's father died. He was diagnosed with severe lung cancer a few months prior, and even though it was known he didn't have much time left, it was still a shock.

Over the holidays I was torn, I would go out with friends and be having a good time, then either during or just after i had gotten home I felt guilty. I guess its a part of grieving - I don't know, or when you feel like you should be all smiling and look happy when all you want to do is sit in the dark. Also, when people who don't know about what's going on in your life and comment that you look sad, you feel an obligation to explain, but then they just say oh that's sad, or that's too bad, or it'll be OK or they giving you pity glances - it makes you want to SCREAM!

However, there Ma's girlfriend was pregnant, she had the baby a month early so Rob got to see the baby, which was wonderful.

Now, there are good things that are going on, and as sad as I am and I think I always will be, good things are happening in my life, so don't be too sad.

I am still the Philanthropy chair for my sorority, which I love, I am excited because I have some really cool new ideas for us and our local GLOs!

Classes have started once again. I am taking 4 courses and I hope that this semester goes really well in all aspects. Class, my roomies (love them all), my sisters, and my friends and my family, I want to get things figured out.

But, as of now I need to get organized, clean my room (and the kitchen, if there is enough hours in the day). Also, gotta start on my homework; goodness second week of classes and rush and the insanity of school is already in full swing.

you know you love me, insanity and all