18 September 2010

All Settled in or so You Thought...

So, when I was moving here - I was thinking everything would go smoothly - an easy transition, HA! Well, first off I was thinking I have it made - I got a transfer from the store from which I was working at in Halifax. How wrong was I - this new manager lady is the most difficult lady on the planet to track down.
First, she is not in the day I call, then she is on vacation, then oh she should be in later today, then when I am finally able to talk to her and confirm her existence - she is just TOO busy to talk to me about anything. So when I finally am put on the schedule it is for a day I told her (long ago I might add) that I was not available - mainly because I had class from 9am til 2pm! So she books me for 930am - 430pm shift!! Her excuse was she had "accidentally" or "mistakenly" must have deleted my email.

06 September 2010

Back to the Home Province

 So, here I am all moved back to Ontario! I went to the hometown for a few days, then went off to the U S of A for roller-coasters, shopping and girl time.

So on this long Labour Day weekend I have been moving my stuff into my new 'apartment', my bedroom is very small but the rest are all so large, guess I lost the draw of straws. I just wish the weather was nicer instead of all this rain and gray skies. It just doesn't work for me.

I know I need to go to the store to get some stuff but just do not have the energy to do much of anything. Oh well I will leave my room eventually....

you know you love me

29 July 2010


Today has been crazy! But, crazy in a good way. I was able to pick up a shift (3 hours) but nonetheless hours! Then I came home for a phone interview but forgot the time change so had to wait an hour!!! 
But then since I feel it went so well. I settled in for a little snack time :) 
So I had the best snack ever, (with  healthy twist -- whole wheat bread) 
I had De Ruijter's Vruchtenhagel!!
This is the greatest treat ever, I was able to get some after years without!

My wonderful boyfriend took me to a little dutch shop up in Lawerancetown to get another treat but I also got this!!!! :D 

Isn't he sweet??

So I also decided since I have been unable to enjoy this for LIKE ever!!! I thought the whole world would wonder in the marvel of me eating and enjoying it's sweet delicious-ness!!! 

you know you love me 

19 July 2010

Melting in the Heat

I never realized how much I enjoyed coming home to a home with central air conditioning. Without it I am literally melting in this extreme heat! Thankfully I have an oscillating fan so it sort of cools my room. I just wish there was more breezes passing by; and go in my window.

How is everyone else fairing in this heat??

you know you love me

23 May 2010

A University Graduate

I am now coming to you as an official university graduate! :) I have my Bachelors degree in Science so I now have letters that follow my name. How cool is that? Pretty fabulously awesome if I say so.


you know you love me
S. B.Sc.

16 March 2010

Almost to the End

My last semester of my first degree is almost to an end. YAY! How exciting is that?
Just need to get through these last few weeks and then a whole new batch of stress can set in. Because as it stands there is simply too much stress in my life! Why is it that when things happen they happen all at once?

you know you love me

06 January 2010

Start of a New Semester

So classes have started and getting into the swing of things - reduced my availability at work.
Now I just need to get my room organized and clean so I can get to the studies ... but I am happy to say I have a good start. I have started the readings for one of my classes - granted it is my english class but nonetheless! I am reading the textbook NOT the novel ... YET! lol :)
anyways off to bed - I have early classes every day this semester ... sad but nice ... I am ... sort of ... enjoying it. I think I may be becoming a morning person! *gulp* 

you know you love me

03 January 2010

Here's to 2010!

Cheers to the new year! Here's to wishing everyone all the best in 2010!
I hope everyone is sticking to their new years resolutions if you do that sort of thing.
Personally, I do NOT! This is mainly because I find it hard to start the year off right, although it is good incentive, I have decided to attempt to live every day buy itself. Its a difficult thing. But I am attempting to let the past be in the past.
Things happen, choices are made, people are hurt and things cannot be unsaid and undid, but you CAN choose to move past it. Since not everyone is meant to remain in your life forever. Some people are meant to only be in your life for a class, year, or a lifetime.
I love that quote or sentiment.

And, on a lighter note, there is going to be a sequel to Sex and the City The Movie - Sex and the City 2


well of course, I have loved the show and the first movie so why not the 2nd?

Here's a look at the trailer, but of course...

NOTE: to all those who dislike the Sex and the City series and movies, just have not realized its greatness and are in need of something epic! (haha) ;)

 So mark the date in your calendars ladiies! MAY 28th ... boys you're going to have to make other plans!

you know you love me