16 December 2008


Sorry being home I figured I would have more time to blog however, its been fairly busy I am working for the golf course so I have picked up a few shifts there with Christmas parties and the Santa Brunch and babysitting. Also, last Thursday I donated blood and went ill, well, I got pale and faint. I had to stay for an extra 45 mins so they could make sure I was ok... I am fine I am happy to report -- I still think everyone should donate blood, I will again.

I also, regret to say that this year I am totally off the ball, and have done absolutely NO Christmas shopping whatsoever, better get on that only 10 days left - WAIT! make that 9 since technically its well after midnight and thus the 16th but I have yet to go to bed. Usually I am done my shopping well before this point and feel very disorganized and have felt in a haze since I got home ...

Hope everyone is more prepared for the holiday season than myself! Here's a little video to help get you in the holiday spirit! Santa Baby is one of my favourite Christmas tunes:


Hope you enjoy it as well.

you know you love me

02 December 2008

Exam Update

Hey everyone,
I hope everyones exams are going well, for all those who are in school. And for those lucky people who aren't be thankful ... for a short time because my finals are finished on Thursday and then I am free for a month! How many people get a month of Christmas vacation? not too may that is for sure; this year I am one of the lucky ones. Hope everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. I will come Thursday.

Well, my exams are going sort of well. My take home for ecology of fish went pretty good, and I was pretty psyched walking out of my psychology exam (no pun intended)! Tomorrow morning is geography - wish me luck! I feel as though I am going to need a miracle to get through geography (30%) and then my sociology exam (50%) which is Thursday morning. Well, I am off to bed to get a good sleep, then up early for review and off to the final!

here's to making it through the next 38 hours alive!

Positive thinking!! Lets hope it works!

I know I can, I know I can! hahaha

loves to all!

you know you love me