24 March 2009

One of my fav Glogs


Well life is a bunch of blah :P

School is beyond rough and stressful. I have a test on Thursday but my lazy prof couldn't bring herself to come to school today because of 5cm of snow! She continues to cancel class after class then she gets extremely upset when the class did poorly on the first test (we didn't have the 3 classes prior to the test). And, its great that she cares and all but not teaching us doesn't help. Yet we are still paying her to teach those classes.
When the university isn't closed you should still get your butt to the school - I mean we are expected to! Or at least use the online banner system to let us know prior, so some of don't walk the 30 minutes to school or take a 40min bus ride - ITS A WASTE OF OUR TIME and just annoying!
Now I must go create a sort of presentation for my stupid conservation of moose in NS project - dumbest thing EVER!!!

I love how happy bunny explains my life most of the time.
you know you love me