12 October 2008

Crazy Hectic Life ... Some Good Some Bad

Howdy Cowgirls and Cowboys

Well, let me tell you my story ...
Last week was insane I tell you ... as if I don't have enough school they just add more! It was insanity I tell you; all on top of which I need to find a job, an actual job seeing as how my great whenever job has turned into a never again job :(
So I had 2 midterms, an essay, tonnes of lab work, and a take-home midterm! The take-home isn't due until Tuesday however, that kind of ruins the whole chillaxin lazy long turkey day weekend that I had in mind. Plus, I have another test next week :P geography ... not thinking it will be too difficult except the memorizing of all the countries of Africa on top of the information covered. - oh that will be so EASY! hahaha
*going insane*

However, I have managed thus far to barely do my take-home, but instead rather Friday evening was spent at early happy hour at King's with my roomie R and her friend K who got us in - (its a totally hush hush type deal) OOPS! I spilled the beans lol
Then came Saturday .. which is in fact yesterday! I slept in, watched Halloween movies, then headed to Peggy's Cove with my A!! However, as it seems to always go with us we never reached our destination!
We saw the fall fair was going on, complete with a midway! So what do we do? Turn off! - Of course! Was there ever any doubt? I don't think so! hahaha We watched the barrel racing which was awesome only a couple guys knocked over barrels
We did the rides, each got a bag of free cookies - the good chocolate chip ones :D
Had yummy greasy fair food burgers, hot dogs, and poutine! Did some more rides, all the crazy nauseating ones of course!

Then of course no fall fair is complete without cotton candy! Cotton Candy defines fall fairs - so you know there is a law, ( I INSTATED IT MYSELF as princess ) that one must not go to a fall fair or any similar place without purchasing the pink and blue greatness that is cotton candy!

Anyways, tonight I am off with ma ladies to the Carrie Underwood Concert that I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for ALL summer --- no joke! So I need to go! See ya around y'all!
you know you love me,

10 October 2008

Lovin' Life - The Single Life!!

Hey all
This one is for the all the lovely single ladies out there, I totally loved this article and I am sure you will too! Because you doesn't love Sex and the City? and SSB? This article was on my home page ... sympatico.ca
I have posted a link below directly to the article if you want to check it out as well as posted it here:

you know you love me,

10 Reasons it's Great to be Single
Nix the relationships and dating! ELLE gives you 10 reasons why it's fabulous to be on your own!
by Natalie Bahadur
In an old episode of the much-loved television series Sex and the City, four single Manhattan girls bemoaned the loss of their SSB, once they were in a relationship. Can't quite recall the episode? Well, SSB was code for Secret Single Behaviour. You know ... that stuff you do as a single that you would never want your guy to witness?
Carrie mourned the loss of being able to stand in her kitchen in her underwear eating stacks of saltines, while Miranda's secret behaviour involved hand lotion, gloves and infomercials. While many women might choose to sacrifice their behind-closed-doors-only behaviour, in order to find eternal bliss (ahem!) with Mr. Right, there are others who aren't so sure. Maybe being free to do what you want, when you want, just isn't so bad at all! Don't believe us?
Here are 10 reasons it's great to be single:
10. Your shoe inventory is nobody's business but your ownSeriously, do you realize how much a full-time partner would complain about your shoe collection? Using words like "outrageous", "excessive" and "unnecessary". Really, do you need to hear your treasured possessions maligned this way? No. No you don't.
9. The only mess in your home is your own mess!Picking up after a man is a sure way to kill the romance. Dirty socks and tossed aside t-shirts are just not your problem. If you're cleaning up a mess, at least it's your mess and you only have yourself to blame for the clutter.
8. Trust us; you'll have peace of mindWhether you're in a brand new, shiny relationship or one that's reached a comfort level that involves sweats and popcorn on a Saturday night, interpreting the foreign language of men is always a constant. Being single means never having to say, "I wonder what he meant when he said ... "
7. Any night is girls' nightIf you want to get all dolled up and hit the town with your friends, or whether you want to throw open the doors to your home to host an all-night girls night (complete of course with wine and witty banter), you can do so any night, without having to check in with you-know-who.
6. You don't have to deal with in-laws. You love your own parents but even they can drive you around the bend sometimes. When you're in a relationship, it just means two sets of parents who can annoy, aggravate, infuriate and irritate you. Who needs that? Your own parents do the job just fine.
5. It's all about you, all the time. That about sums it up. You can do what you want, go where you want, eat what you want, wear what you want, sleep in when you want, get up when you want, shop where you want ... the list goes on and on, but you get the point!
4. That big, comfortable bed is ALL yoursSure, it's nice to snuggle from time to time, but really, when you get into bed, isn't it better to be able to stretch out and really, truly relax without the worry of getting booted off in the middle of the night by a wayward arm? Or waking up in the middle of the night with teeth chattering as you fumble blindly for your fair share of the blankets? Sleep is precious, ladies! Reclaim what's rightfully yours!
3. Birthdays and special occasions will never be forgotten. You needn't spend another birthday or Valentine's Day wondering whether he'll remember or convincing yourself that his forgetfulness doesn't translate into thoughtlessness.
2. Your entertainment options will always be entertaining to youThis means that you don't have to spend another Saturday night watching some stupid space movie or another Monday night watching grown men run across a field for 2 seconds with a ball, drop it, then run for another 2 seconds, drop it ... yes, we're talking about Monday Night Football.

And the number one reason it's great to be single?

1. Independence: That's hot!Instead of falling into a relationship just because that's what you think you should do, embrace your singlehood and just do it all for yourself. Whether it's paying down debt or buying a new home, take pride in your solo accomplishments.

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