27 September 2009

New Year + New Roommate(s) + New Adventures

I found this icon, and I happen to believe it suits my blog quite nicely!

Well, here on the east coast the weather is as different as you and I! Yesterday it went from cloudy, to a drizzle, to a downpour (of course right as I had to leave my lab and walk home). Then as two of my roommies and I went to the Seahorse it turned into a nice, cool evening! Then today - its warm and sunny and beautiful!!!

So today, my roommate, C (she is the new one that moved in in september) and I went to the mall and to the food store!

At the mall I found sunglasses (2 for 10$) since Allie broke mine over the long weekend on the lake! But its o.k. cause my new ones are HOT STUFF!!  >>>>

And since they were having such an awesome sale day ... I also got myself a necklace and I got Allies Christmas present! I am SO going to be prepared!

Then we went on to M&Ms - they has some stuff on sale AND it was a Scratch and Save Day! We both only saved 5% though which isn't too bad but not great! Oh well!
Then, we got home and Nikki was here and all of us (me and my roommies) went downstairs for coffee ... the joys of living above a coffee shop ...

Nikki will hopefully be moving in October 1st as Mason will be leaving ... so this will be fun and exciting changes ... I am not too worried about the change she seems really sweet and is nice ... and we have the same size feet ... so we can share shoes WOOT!!

So here's to everything working out! *cheers*
A little song by Cobra Starship 'Good Girls go Bad' on the album Hot Mess ... they are pretty decent; awesome dancing / club-type music!  Its not the video just the song with the album cover but the song is awesome quality!!! And that is what counts!

I have to get to studying - midterm on Tuesday -  BOO!

you know you love me

13 September 2009

L'image Fashion Show

Last night, there was fashion - music - food - wine --- all awesome things and all included in the VIP ticket I had for the L'Image Fashion East Magazine Launch. :)
It was some great fun - us fabulous VIPs also got a copy of the 1st issue of the magazine >>
I took a picture of the cover (cover girl is Ivy.) >>
who was in the fashion show - personally I thought she looked better with the straight hair but what do I know? haha
Anyways, I love fashion, the amount of clothes I have proves it.

Thats all for now,
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09 September 2009

First Day of the Last Year of Undergrad!

So ... today ---- was my last first day of my last first semester in my undergrad degree! Nothing overly spectacular spectacular happened. I only have one class and then the lab for said class on Wednesdays this semester. And during the first 'week' of class you don't have labs except for when one of your profs decides to have one ... but I digress. So I got up went to school for my 1 class - which was a grand total of 15 minutes long - the professor just handed out the syllabus and talked a bit about what we are going to do over the semester, lab rules, that there was no lab today and the exam types.
Then, I got my bus pass went to lunch with Jess then my roomie R and I went to the mall to check out the new H&M store ... it was ok ... the new collection really isn't as great as we thought it would be but there was still some cool stuff ... didnt get anything though. I then finally went grocery shopping - went to Pete's - got a bunch of veggies and some fruit - ate all the raspberries (with help from the roomies with some cool whip) it was delicious :)

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08 September 2009

Back - to- School

So, my flight was good got back here pretty good. Abby picked me up from the airport and I treated her to dinner - we went to this Turkish cuisine place (I forget the name) but it was quite delicious :)
Then I got back to my apartment - oh how I missed thee! Got to see my former roomie, my still roomies and my new roomie! Then we ventured over to see my former roomie's new place (quite awesome)!
But, now I must organize my courses figure out whats happening then I gotta by some groceries - cause I mean I gotta eat! Although it wait for a bit - I am going over to a friends apartment for dinner and to hang out.
And I still have to unpack and move back into my room and once I get moved in decent enough ... I plan to get my nails done :) well I did work ALL summer and saved some of my tips so I could :D
Well, I have a tonne of stuff to do and well today to do it - classes start tomorrow! So I better be off!

you know you love me

05 September 2009

New Template 4 New Year

I decided a change was in order ... since I am heading back to school in a couple days ... many things will be different - its my last year for a start. So, if all goes well, I will graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biology. Which is also the title to one of my favourite Girls Aloud songs. >>

Also, one of my roomies is moving out to a new apartment :( and thus an end to our roomie love and awesome-ness that was last year. Then there is a new girl moving in with us. Plus, it will be my last year out east. And, now I must determine to which programs I should apply? another undergrad? post-grad? diploma programs? college? Too many questions, too few answers? too many decisions and too many unknowns!

you know you love me

03 September 2009

I have the Best Auntie Ever

My auntie Anne of r-anne-dom knits and sews lots of cool stuff! Anyways, that's only part of it; being her "favourite" niece and all she has made a purse called the 'Jessica'. Better than that though she made it in two of my sorority's colours! Burgundy and gold :) Iota Beta Chi Forever!

She even made some matching key chains and true to her she wrote (or rather typed) me a letter; she sends me letters when I am away at school.

However, I am not at school yet - flight is Monday, classes start Wednesday.

But, I love my new purse and just had to take pictures and upload them for all to see the coolness of it :)

I hope everyone is getting their shopping/packing done for back to school (or back to work)! So much for the summer, hardly had any nice weather ...

you know you love me

01 September 2009

Short Supply

I realize that this summer my ramblings have been in short supply; partly because not much has happened this summer - been days filled with work, reading, doing nothing, watching Anna and Joey, and drinks with Amanda :) Its been a decent summer, but nothing spectacular!

The coolest event was the Jess and Joe are moving to BC - Joe is there now and Jess will be moving in January :( But, they drove cross-country to move out there; and of course there was a stay-over in Ontario ... a little town to be exact. We then went to Canada`s Wonderland.
Sadly it is no longer owned by Paramount Pictures so half the rides have been given new names! What confusion! I have been going on `Top Gun` for years and it is now Flight Deck! Poor Joe couldn't find top gun on the map!!!

And, last week, I did go and get my hair done!! For the first time in my life I went with more low-lights and less high-lights making it darker than my natural colour, which is exciting and I have to say I absolutely love it!
you know you love me