03 January 2010

Here's to 2010!

Cheers to the new year! Here's to wishing everyone all the best in 2010!
I hope everyone is sticking to their new years resolutions if you do that sort of thing.
Personally, I do NOT! This is mainly because I find it hard to start the year off right, although it is good incentive, I have decided to attempt to live every day buy itself. Its a difficult thing. But I am attempting to let the past be in the past.
Things happen, choices are made, people are hurt and things cannot be unsaid and undid, but you CAN choose to move past it. Since not everyone is meant to remain in your life forever. Some people are meant to only be in your life for a class, year, or a lifetime.
I love that quote or sentiment.

And, on a lighter note, there is going to be a sequel to Sex and the City The Movie - Sex and the City 2


well of course, I have loved the show and the first movie so why not the 2nd?

Here's a look at the trailer, but of course...

NOTE: to all those who dislike the Sex and the City series and movies, just have not realized its greatness and are in need of something epic! (haha) ;)

 So mark the date in your calendars ladiies! MAY 28th ... boys you're going to have to make other plans!

you know you love me

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