18 September 2010

All Settled in or so You Thought...

So, when I was moving here - I was thinking everything would go smoothly - an easy transition, HA! Well, first off I was thinking I have it made - I got a transfer from the store from which I was working at in Halifax. How wrong was I - this new manager lady is the most difficult lady on the planet to track down.
First, she is not in the day I call, then she is on vacation, then oh she should be in later today, then when I am finally able to talk to her and confirm her existence - she is just TOO busy to talk to me about anything. So when I finally am put on the schedule it is for a day I told her (long ago I might add) that I was not available - mainly because I had class from 9am til 2pm! So she books me for 930am - 430pm shift!! Her excuse was she had "accidentally" or "mistakenly" must have deleted my email.

Although I just received my work schedule for next week and low and behold I have a shift - thankfully it is on a day I can work at a time I can work. I just hope eventually I will have more than 1 shift/week!
Oh and I was all moved into my room - and then I sent yesterday re-organizing - moving all the furniture around my room. Now it looks remarkably larger!!
Then last night after dinner with the roommates we reorganized the furniture in the living room and decorated it with posters!
Now I shall be off to clean and organize the stuff in my room and then on to my already long list of homework, quizzes, and readings. SCHOOL!

you know you love me

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