29 July 2010


Today has been crazy! But, crazy in a good way. I was able to pick up a shift (3 hours) but nonetheless hours! Then I came home for a phone interview but forgot the time change so had to wait an hour!!! 
But then since I feel it went so well. I settled in for a little snack time :) 
So I had the best snack ever, (with  healthy twist -- whole wheat bread) 
I had De Ruijter's Vruchtenhagel!!
This is the greatest treat ever, I was able to get some after years without!

My wonderful boyfriend took me to a little dutch shop up in Lawerancetown to get another treat but I also got this!!!! :D 

Isn't he sweet??

So I also decided since I have been unable to enjoy this for LIKE ever!!! I thought the whole world would wonder in the marvel of me eating and enjoying it's sweet delicious-ness!!! 

you know you love me 


ennadoolf said...

hm ... so you got that in addition to something else ... I wonder if that something else begins with A....? and ends in stroop! lol I bought some for Oma at the local A&P/oops, Metro. :)

sgabs said...

haha yes of course I got some of that also!!! :)